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Email archiving

Email archiving is the act of preserving and making searchable all email to/from an individual. Email archiving solutions capture email content either directly from the email application itself or during transport. The messages are typically then stored on magnetic disk storage and indexed to simplify future searches.

Archiving and searching your entire email

Compliance and retrieval requirements demand that businesses store more data than ever before. VaultSMART from Progress IT® makes archiving and searching your entire email history fast and easy, no matter how much data you need to store.
Many organisations are now storing email in the form of local backups, but this doesn’t necessarily make the archived emails easily accessible. Email archiving with FuseMail can help. It might seem like moving your organisation to a new archiving system is complicated, costly or a hassle, but with FuseMail it’s not. Cloud-based archiving provides an ideal solution for simplifying email retrieval and long-term retention, without creating more work or eating into your IT budget.

How to archive emails in outlook

Archiving is saving or backing up the items within Outlook such as your messages, contacts, tasks, calendars and others Outlook' items. In Progress IT London, we convert and archive your emails into PST file which also reduce the size of an Outlook data file and makes it easier to transfer and store. You can always navigate to your stored PST file via Outlook and click to open the Archives folder or its. Then you can access, view and even delete your archived emails.
Preserve efficiency with email security plotted with 24/7 email monitoring.

IT Managment Email

One clicks on a harmful emails link could bring down your entire network. Preserve efficiency with email security plotted with 24/7 email monitoring. Have full control over your incoming and outgoing mails while we are providing secure email protection for your email accounts.

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What is the purpose of archiving emails?

Archiving emails will allow and help you sort out your inbox by saving messages, contact and calendar from your inbox into cloud or a hard disk. You are not deleting any items. Archiving will reduce the size of your mailbox and help you have more space available on your device.