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Hosted Exchange

Progress IT Delivers cloud, Mail and Calendar Hosted Exchange for businesses.
Moving your email to the cloud is a great way to save money, reduce IT workload and increase email uptime over on-premises solutionss

Progress IT Hosted exchange

Progress IT®’s Hosted Microsoft Exchange solution provides you with all the features and collaboration options of an in-house installation of Microsoft Exchange, but without the prohibitive costs and timeconsuming administration. Access your email, calendar, and contacts on your PC and mobile phone

Hosted Exchange features

You will receive all of the standard features of Microsoft Exchange, including personal and shared contacts and calendars, public folders and task management. Depending on your package, you’ll also receive options only available from FuseMail such as integration with our email archiving and continuity services and access to our Hosted Exchange expert administrators for support.

IT Managment Email

Why HostedExchange

Reduce costs With a simple monthly per-user fee, you offload all the costs and hassle of an on premises email system.

Data leakage prevention Use multi-level account rules to prevent commercially sensitive information leaving your organisation via email.

Archiving Fully compatible with FuseMail VaultSMART email archiving

User control As much or as little end user control over email as you choose.

Key features

  • OWA access and ActiveSync help people mobilise
  • Filters help you find what you’re looking for
  • Conversation view enables you to manage a conversation as a single item in your inbox
  • Know someone is out of the office before you send a message
  • Calendar: Month/Agenda view in OWA

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