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How do I create my own custom email address

Create your own email account with any domain name for your business or personal use. Make sure you look professional when you send and receive emails with your clients and customers. Your sent and received emails must be securely stored, searchable and accessible at all times.

What do I need to have my own custom email address

First thing you need is a domain name. A domain name is a name of your website name. for example a domain name will be: or A domain name could also be used for email address, for example or

Once you have your domain name, you will then need a mail service such as Hosted Exchange. Hosted exchange is what we recommend you to have if you do not wish to use Microsoft Office 365 facilities. Hosted exchange is a mail service where you can have a Microsoft email box and space.

How to create a valid email address

When you try to register A own domain for your self or your business, you will be using a tool where your requested names will be searched for availability. If the domain is available, you can register and own it for limited time. You should renew your domain at least once a year. Lets say you have registered your domain as You may now create any email accounts with your registered domain. For example or At Progress IT London, we provide all above services for you.

Email Management

How to use a personal email address

Hosted exchange mail service can be used via both Outlook application and Web browsers. Most other third-party applications are also Hosted Exchange friendly. You may see pre-installed applications on both android and IOS devices.

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